Carie’s Story

I’m Carie Lyndene and you may know me as The Success Coach although more and more these days I am known as The Coach’s Coach.

DSC_8410That is because I specialise and LOVE working with Coaches, Consultants and Experts like you to help you reach your true potential and get your sales going through the roof!

Now, there are lots of business coaches and marketing experts who offer advice on growing your business. But the problem is MOST of them have NEVER created anything other than their own coaching or marketing business and unless that business is extremely successful (in which case listen to them) it’s likely they are coming from a place of theory not practice.

We have all met a few of those and wasted our money engaging their services. I myself have fallen for some of that hot air marketing hype and exaggerated claims of success, only to find that their “business growth expertise” was simply regurgitated standard info and in some cases were literally a “copy and paste” rehash of someone else’s work.

Be careful where you spend your money. Buyer Beware!

When this is the case, it’s unlikely to work for you. You see no matter what they tell you, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. warning

Now let me be clear on this. There are very few NEW ideas out there so don’t be fooled by their marketing hype (the truth should be good enough I always say) what you need to look at is, what’s their track record, are they and their clients getting results in terms of increased clients and income?

Therefore it’s important for you to work with someone who walks their walk, practises what they preach and actually is earning some big bucks from what they are advising. So even if the ideas aren’t new, the way your mentor is helping you apply it to your business, should be bespoke, fresh and creative.

My Promise to My Clients…

FP1C0149That’s why “My Promise” to my clients is this… Every strategy I teach, train and advise you to do has been bona fide tried, tested and measured by me and my clients and I apply all my marketing and sales ideas in a fresh and creative way to suit you and your business. I continue to work closely alongside worldwide industry giants to stay cutting edge with the trends in New Media Marketing which can and does move at a rate of knots! I also undertake continuous professional development and have my own mentors. All of this knowledge I pass onto you too.

This guarantees you get the best of both worlds.

Time proven strategies, formulas and blueprints created especially to suit your business advance insights to anything Hot of the Press while remaining creative and personal to your business.

Frustrated that your business is not growing faster?

How well areyou managingyour timeNow I’ve been working with Passionate Entrepreneurs and Business Owners for many years, training, coaching and mentoring them and helping them to accelerate their success farther and faster than if they had been working on their own.

However it’s not always been like that. I have had many ups and downs. I am telling you this to let you know that I understand where you are now. I have experienced scarcity, anxiety, doubt, disappointment, overwhelm, frustration, sadness, guilt and stress. You may relate to some or all of those!

So I’d like to share the real story behind my success ……

In the last 30 years I have built a variety of businesses, usually based around my children’s needs. In the 80’s I had my own direct sales company in home improvements.

The 90’s saw me as a Networking Entrepreneur and in the 00’s I converted the ground floor of my three story town house into a children’s’ nursery to ensure I would be generating income and still be able to be with my youngest son Rory, then a 3 year old.

All of these businesses were successful, one of which even created a six figure income for me. I was pretty confident I knew how to build a business as I had created and followed my own Sales Success System several times.

Seven years into my nursery business, as a family we were becoming tired of always having parents, children (lovely as they were),  OFSTED, Health Visitors, County Council and so on, in and out of our home.

I decided to wind down the business and thought long and hard about what I wanted to do in the next chapter of my life.

FP1C0138What I really dreamed of was creating a business using my outstanding talent which was training, coaching & mentoring.  I had been doing this in different capacities in all my previous businesses and roles but more as a by-product of the business NOT AS A STAND ALONE BUSINESS.

So, I made up my mind, I was going to be a coach! I set up my new training and coaching company and got to work. Well surprisingly enough, not enough clients came knocking on my door to buy my services!

I didn’t know what was wrong. I knew my stuff. I knew that I had a time proven success system which I had used to build my previous businesses.  I was able to convert the prospects into paying clients. But very quickly I realised what I wasn’t doing was creating enough Sales Situations in my business.

So I got out my sure fire strategy book for creating RED HOT Sales Situations ( which needed a bit updating as I hadn’t had to use it for a while) and got to work.  Very soon my appointment book was full and my workshops and live events were booked up for months ahead.

This was great! Lots of clients! However this left me with my next problem. Now I was over loaded with work. Weekends became I thing of the past and I was beginning to dread getting new enquiries as I had no idea how I was going to fit them in to my already over stretched schedule. I could feel myself energetically closing the doors to new business and that is never a good thing. I knew what I needed.


Someone who could help get my business out to a wider audience, while still proving a high level service to my existing clients, while actually working less with more money and less stress. I needed who would someone also ensure I stayed focused, on track AND implemented my Massive Action Plan. A tall order I know but I knew it could be done and I also knew it would be very difficult to do on my own.

I knew NOT to do this was going to cost me dearly.

Not only in lost income and opportunities ( which would be painful enough) but also in my health, time with family and my relationships. It was not an option, I needed to invest in myself and invest with the right person. Someone who had been there, done it and got the t-shirt in several different sizes!

Everything We Want Is Outside Our Comfort Zonehelp

I knew I had to go OUT of my COMFORT ZONE! Yes possibly I would be able to get there myself in time, but to meet my big goals and dreams, I knew I needed someone to move me FURTHER FASTER!

That was the Turning Point for me. I took up the offer of a Free Session with my soon to be mentor. We talked through what was holding me back from the success I desired and after a long conversation with her, without hesitation, I put down a deposit and registered for her High Level Mentoring Programme

It was a big investment, more than I had ever invested in one programme before. Did I have a wobble after I had made my decision? YES I did!! However the biggest feeling I had was relief. My mentor recognised the potential of my business and guided me to exactly the information, training, resources I needed.

So how could I get a Mentor when cash flow was still an issue?

Although cash flow was flowing , most of it was going into building my business. So the thought of engaging someone for several thousands of pounds which I didn’t actually have sitting in my bank account, could have felt like a huge risk.  However, I knew my Sales Success System would work for others, I just needed that missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Sometimes we have to make uncomfortable decisions.

Either I could give it all up and get a job (YUCK! This would never have been a reality for me as after years of working for myself I was probably unemployable). I could stay the way I was which was creating feast or famine cash flow issues and had me working flat out. Or other alternative was I could borrow some money and invest it in me, my business and my future and re create on offline success into an on-line enterprise.

I had never had any debt in my business before, however after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” I changed my view.  Robert explains the difference between “good debt” which is an investment in business or property and something to generate income, as opposed to ‘”bad debt” which are purchases that cost you money,  e.g. a holiday, a flat screen TV etc.., that may give you short-term pleasure but won’t increase your income potential.

The Light bulb Moment

LightBulbI suddenly recognised that, with my knowledge and skills and the guidance of the right mentor, there was no way I wouldn’t see a RETURN ON MY INVESTMENT.  Just how much, was going to be up to me.

So I got on my best outfit and spoke to my bank manager who after a bit of persuasion gave me an overdraft.  I topped up the rest by maxing out my interest free credit card.

DSC_8486I picked up the phone, paid the balance off my programme and booked into my first session with my mentor.

That was the best business decision I have ever made as in reality it hasn’t cost me a penny!


Yes really! Taking my business to the next level hasn’t cost me a penny as I have had my initial investment returned to me several times over.

Combining my own Sales Success System with my talent and experience with the specialist knowledge of my mentor has helped me take my business to whole new level.

This has taken my small though successful coaching and training business and turned it into an extremely successful and highly profitable on line and now, an international business, which is still going from strength to strength every day.

After just one month of the programme, I had my first multiple 5 figure month.

Now remember, I did have a lot in place before I got started with my mentor however I could see the future was going to now be very different. I could see there was a better way.

I was speechless with emotion and my attitude is of absolute gratitude to my family for supporting my dream, my clients, my mentor and my bank manager!  It was really happening. Investing in myself, listening to someone further down the line than me and following my Sales Success System was a recipe for success.


Your success is paramount to me…

Now my clients are seeing similar results. Their client bases were growing, their profits were up, their programmes are selling . Their confidence, skills and knowledge started to grow to the point it was obvious to all. Just recently one of my clients met her six month sales target in one week!! 

Lovely things have happened as a result of that success…

My programmes are full and my business reputation is impeccable. I have been able to expand into beautiful offices in Cheltenham Film Studios, employ a full time personal assistant and create a team of Head Coaches as part of my Success Team which not only do I benefit from but so do my clients.

Now I want to help YOU achieve the same success

Portrait of happy business woman in office rejoicing success

My Success Accelerator Academy

The 7 Essential Steps to Make Your Success Inevitable. 

I have created and honed an easy to follow, step-by-step system for inspiring, empowering and transforming you and your business. Promoting and expanding your business with SOLID business growth and marketing strategies that work.  A system that’s designed specifically for someone just like you.  A system that really works.  And now I want to share that system with you.  Why?

I don’t want you to go round in circles any more

  • I know what it’s like to be an expert but don’t know how to get it out there.
  • I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start.
  • I know what it’s like doing it all by yourself, the hard way without any support.
  • I know how much it costs to learn the secrets to building a successful business.
  • I know what it’s like trying to look after your family and your home at the same time.
  • I know how far down the list your needs are when you are spinning many plates.

I want to give you the short cuts to success

Beautiful young woman with coffee using laptop in the kitchenAlthough my career has been full of many outstanding highs, what pleases me the most is the seeing my clients take centre stage and shine. Nothing makes me more excited than when they have a big breakthrough, achieve success in their business and see their sales sky rocket.

My friend Steve Wozniak of Apple Computers

As a VIP guest, speaker and presenter at high level business conferences, I am privileged to meet other top entrepreneurs and top achievers such as Steve Wozniak (Inventor and co-founder of Apple Computers) Claire Young ( Runner up on The Apprentice) and Olympic Gold Medallist, Sir Chris Hoy.

The lessons to be learned from people at this level are invaluable and I will share their insights with you too.

Carie&SteveW  my beloved  185_bizmums_conference-14_IMG_3487 with claire young

If you’d like to find out how I can help you achieve the business of your dreams.

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