How to Attract RED HOT Client Testimonials in 3 Easy Steps

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Getting people to talk about you isn’t that hard.

Getting people to say great things about you (especially in writing) can be a little trickier but it’s certainly possible and it’s very powerful when they do.

It’s Marketing 101. We learn that when someone else says something about you, it carries a whole lot more weight as opposed to you blowing your own trumpet.

Therefore, cultivating a “Rave Review” and now on social media a “Shout Out” Culture is an important skill to develop in your business.

When I work with my clients this is one of the first things I model to them and train them to do. Gather an army of raving fans who will share with others just how ‘fab’ you are at every opportunity while remaining totally authentic.

Gather an army of raving fans

My background is really varied. From Direct Sales in home improvements in the 80’s to Networking Distribution in the 90’s, running an Early Years Nursery in the 00’s to my current business as a Business Mastery Coach since 2013.

I built these businesses from scratch, on my own, with no budget for marketing or advertising (and usually with a baby on my hip too)

However, in my first business, I still managed to clock up over £10 million in sales (that was a lot of fitted kitchens I can tell you)

In the second, I had developed a team of 1500 wholesale distributors who turned over $3.5 million annually. My nursery became OFSTED Outstanding, with a 3-year waiting list within 18 months even though I charged the highest hourly rate in the county.

Now obviously, I am pretty good at what I do…

However, my businesses would not have grown the way they did without my “raving fans” giving me testimonials, reviews, recommendations, endorsements, social media shout outs, referrals and successful case studies which of course I share where ever and whenever I can.

Ok, so you may be thinking “ Hey, I am really good at what I do, but hardly anyone bothers to do that for me” and if that’s true for you, don’t worry you are not alone.

That is the default position of most of us as consumers. Even when we have had a great service, it takes a lot of effort to act and log that satisfaction somewhere other than just telling someone in the passing. It’s just not in our consciousness.

This used to be the case for me too until I got organised about it. I introduced these three top secrets tactics to bring giving rave reviews into my customer’s consciousness.

Drum- roll please …..

Top Secret Tactics

  1. I asked people to do them.
  2. I trained them how to do them
  3. I rewarded them for doing them.

Ask them …

When I was selling kitchens, I noticed that the sale was a lot easier when I whipped out my file of satisfied customer’s pictures with me, standing in front of their brand-new kitchen, with them and a few choice words about the whole experience of ordering from me.

I made it a habit of returning to completed installations. I had flowers and wine in hand (wide angled camera in my bag) and have a carefully crafted short form for them to fill out.

I was also aware that 75% of my sales situations were almost in the bag before I put pen to paper if they were a referral from another customer.

This is advertising you CAN NOT BUY!

In recent years, Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence” consolidates just how important social proof is in that the customer’s buying decision-making journey and it’s a whole lot easier now with social media and the internet.

Today, an example of how I would do this is (and thank you Dr. Cialdini for the reciprocity principle) would be something like this.

At the end of every webinar, training, seminar whether free or paid for, I bring up a slide at the end which reads something like “If you have enjoyed today’s training and you feel you have gained something of value, in the spirit of being a “Go-Giver” (explanation coming) please give me a shout out / write a review / give me a recommendation” Remember energy returns to its source!”

I follow up with an email (reminding them if they haven’t done yet and include links etc to make it quick and simple) or thanking them if they have with some sort of small but valuable gesture from me.

Train them…

In Sales 101, we learn that the three key principles of closing a sale are

  1. Give them a reason to buy
  2. Give them a reason to buy now.
  3. Make it easy!

Well these principles can be adapted directly into the rave review process.  

Give them a reason to write one. This is where the Go-Giver comes in. I explain to my clients that I follow the approach that Bob Burg wrote about in his book “The Go-Giver” (This is required reading for all my coaching clients)

The ethos of the book is, whatever you give out gracefully, you will get back. Energy must return to its source. So, if you are someone who gives lots of referrals, writes reviews etc., guess what your clients will do for you? The same.

Reward them and give them a reason to write one now.

Put a deadline on it. Any reviews received in the next 48 hours will go into my prize draw for my fabby- dabby do dah whatever is relevant for your clients. I often do this with something lovely like a luxury business planner.

Just recently, I offered that out to my Academy members and received 20 x 5-star reviews on my Facebook page. I had one winner which cost me £40 but everyone was excited about it and glad to contribute.

Another benefit of this is, it’s bringing you back up into their consciousness and reminding them just how much value they get from you.

Make it easy.

Have a pre-crafted form which asks the right questions. Screen shot social media posts and ask if you can use these on landing pages. Write up conversations you have had with them and ask if they wouldn’t mind cutting and pasting it onto their

Write up conversations you have had with them and ask if they wouldn’t mind cutting and pasting it onto their LinkedIn recommendation page and provide them with the link to so.

Write up conversations you have had with them and ask if they wouldn’t mind cutting and pasting it onto their LinkedIn recommendation page and provide them with the link to so.

Any way you can take the burden of the task from them is ok and the right thing to do.

So, in saying all of that, if you have got value from this article and in the spirit of becoming a Go-Giver, it would be great if you like and share this article 🙂

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