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Yesterday I attended a one-day seminar hosted by a prominent author and business thought leader.

It was marketed as being a deep dive into his book (which I am a big fan of) and an exploration of how you can add these principles to your own business.

And I absolutely expected to be offered an upsell at the end to one of the author’s products (which I had no intention of buying at this time as I am committed to another mentoring programme).

The day was immaculately and professionally run, the author charming and engaging, his speakers professional and knowledgeable. Even the lunch was delicious (unusual for a buffet).

So why at the end of it was I left disappointed and with a feeling of that I had wasted my time?

On reflection, this morning these are my findings:

   1. Content for me was fundamental and exactly what I teach my own clients.

Having read and recommended the book, I had a cohort of my Academy members with me as I thought we would all benefit from the day.

However, several of them commented to me throughout the day, they hadn’t learned anything yet that we hadn’t already covered in my own masterclasses.

On its own, this is not an issue because repetition and consolidation are extremely important to all learning and we were all enjoying the day out together.

    2. The day was a beautifully constructed sales pitch.

Now just to be clear, I teach sales so I have no issue with selling and this was not hard sell.

In fact, providing quality training with an offer to continue working with the trainer at the end of the day is something I would expect, do myself and teach others to do.

But this wasn’t training. This day was a 6-hour presentation demonstrating the author’s long-term business development programme.

If this had been advertised as an invitation to experience an overview of the programme (i.e. a Discovery Day) I would have still attended but my expectations would have been managed.

  3. I felt the gap.  The gap between the truth and the B… S… 

Now this bit you  find a little “woo woo” but I am going to say it anyway.

During the presentation, the author talked about building your profile and the effect it will have on how others perceive your business. As a sales specialist, I know how important your positioning in the marketplace is and how it can influence others to buy from you.

But here is where the author and I differ in our thought process.

He mooted that when you have an “external high-level profile” you’ll have the newfound confidence you need to hit the levels of success you desire and everything in your garden would be rosy.

That is true to a certain extent but there is a missing piece to this.

After 35 years of professional and personal development, when working with Managing Directors to Apprentices and everyone else in between, I KNOW that confidence is an inside job.

External stuff will make you LOOK confident. There will be times when you can ACT confidently.

It may even fool you into thinking you ARE confident, but the first bit of ill wind that blows your way will knock you off your perch as quick as winkie!

How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say “It made me lose my confidence”?

That’s because your appearance of confidence had been dancing around you, NOT coming from your centre.

When it’s in your centre, you can’t lose it. It may take a knock from time to time but that’s part of the process.

The other problem with this is even bigger.

You see, even when we are confident on the outside and attract lots of success that way, we will still never FEEL successful on the inside. 

And let me tell you this, with the many clients I have worked with on this issue (some of them running 7 figure businesses), this problem is worse than the ones who have little or no success.

Someone who does not FEEL successful can experience all levels of mental health issues ranging from, wait for it, loss of confidence to severe depression.

What is the answer?

It’s true, building success from the outside will make you feel more confident and attract more success.

But when you build confidence from the inside and put all the right stuff on the outside, not only will you attract lots of success, you will FEEL successful and therefore become unstoppable in everything you do.

If you are as bored with the BS as I am, get in touch.

Book a Business Breakthrough Session with me, and let’s work together to build your confidence from the inside.

Let’s put in place the right stuff you need to grow your business and let’s make you unstoppable without a single sniff of B… S… to be found.

Click the link below, and let’s get started…


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