How Vital are your Vital Statistics?

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Back in the 60’s, when I was a mere slip of a girl, it was a regular thing for young women to compete in beauty contests. Whether it was a low-key affair in the local holiday camp or seaside resort or all the way to the Mecca of contests, Miss World. These were commonplace and were […]

This isn’t philosophy, this is physics.

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Why raising your frequency will play its part in growing your business but don’t take my word for it… Back in the nineties, when I lived in London, I was part of the volunteer staff team of a training company who supported and promoted many of the American professional development industry giants. These included people […]

Is it really all about energy? I mean REALLY?

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Now you might say to me, Carie, “I’m not into all that stuff about law of attraction etc. ” and actually to the best part I agree with you. Too many people put their hopes and dreams into simply ” thinking positivity” and then its fingers crossed and hope for the best ( forgetting that […]

A Confused Mind Doesn’t Buy!

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We know a confused mind doesn’t buy but clearly it doesn’t sell either just look at the last election… I know the last general election seems like a long time ago now but for us in business, there was a huge lesson to be learned by the sweeping of the boards of the Conservatives in […]


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