Why does our caveman DNA affect our summer sales results?

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July is a really special month for me.

It’s the birthday of my genius sales mentor Bob Deans, my two sons ( albeit 13 years apart) and my consultancy business which born in 2013. Happy Birthday to us!

To celebrate, I ran a special “Faster-mind” group (same as a Mastermind but you have to think faster) for several of my clients who are with me as their coach for their third year now.

We had an amazing session with fabulous ideas being brainstormed for their sales success over the next 90 days for each and every one of them.

Understand the ebb and flow.

To kick-start our meeting, I explained to the group about the ebb and flow in business both individually and collectively and how we can use that to our advantage instead of sinking into the summer business doldrums.

You see, most people go off track with their business in the summer and there is a very good reason for that. Our biorhythms built into our DNA from cavemen times is telling us it’s time to “make hay while the sun shines”!

It was the one time, in days of old, when food would be plentiful, we could eat our fill and every cell in our body told us to get outdoors and soak up all that natural Vitamin D in the sunshine.

So that is the first part of my advice to ensure your Summer Sales Success

Take a holiday! In the sun preferably and enjoy just what you fancy to eat and drink. You deserve it and your DNA craves it.

Right, now you are rested, fed and watered to your satisfaction it’s time to get back to work right? Wrong! Why is it so difficult to get our MOJO back after our holiday?

Well, it’s because in our DNA we are going through a mini-grieving process for the loss of all that abundance! And without question, this affects us emotionally. Our emotions affect our psychology; our psychology affects our performance which directly impacts on our results.

But wait, we are no longer in caveman times!

That abundance is there all year long. We no longer need to feel that loss. But this is actually a big problem for us.  Unless we grasp hold of this pretty quickly, soon the whole summer has gone and you have lost all that momentum you were building in the first half of the year.

By the time you are back on track again, it’s September and it’s too late to meet all your goals for the year and all because of those pesky summer doldrums we fall into so easily.

So here is my second piece of advice…

Now you are aware of this, get back into action ASAP after your holiday and get planning the final 90 days of the year long BEFORE they come around.

The final quarter of the year (seasonally its late Harvest time) can be the time when you generate as much revenue as the first three-quarters put together. So what are you waiting for?

One of the biggest secrets in Marketing and Sales is to do what others are NOT doing and what almost everybody in your type business is going right now is going into their Summer ebb and flow. And believe me, it’s unlikely they know about this so their ebbing will take a lot longer to course correct back into the flow.

So here is my last piece of advice today

Now is the time to market like crazy because even if your prospects aren’t buying right now, they will be again soon and you will be front of mind when they do (and while your competitors are still trying to get their MOJO back)

Ok, to summarise, take a holiday, get planning and then market like crazy!

Although I can’t help you with the first one, I can certainly help you with the latter two and I would love to do so.

Therefore,  let’s talk about how we can get that last quarter of the year outselling the previous three for you which means that next year, your summer doldrums really will be a thing of the past.

Speak Soon,




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