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If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’m just not good at sales,” then read on and…
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Stop Sabotaging Your Sales Process And Start Landing High-End, Profitable Clients!
Learn to master the sales and follow-up process, and watch your business grow!

Here’s an all-too-common thought among entrepreneurs: “I hate sales!” 

I’ve muttered it under my breath from time to time; you’ve no doubt felt it, too. We all have. 

And some people let that self-limiting thought process bring them down, while others learn to overcome it. 
Fear of Sales is
Perfectly Normal

Let’s face it, no one likes rejection. It hurts to have someone—a stranger, no less—tell you no.

When you stop to think about it, though, you’ve been in sales your entire life. You “sold” your mum on moving your curfew to midnight; you “sold” your kids on going to bed peacefully; you “sold” your neighbour on signing that petition against the new building down the street.

You already “do” sales. And you’re good at it. Now you just need to…

Overcome Your
Sales Anxiety

There’s an endless array of self-help books, blogs, and courses designed to:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Improve your “elevator” speech
  • Help you close the sale
  • Reveal the psychological “triggers” that prompt sales
  • Write a killer sales script

Not only that, but motivational sales coaches will tell you it’s all just a numbers game. Speak to enough prospects, and you know a certain percentage will buy.

But there’s an easier way.

You don’t have to be a hard sell, loud and abrasive sales person to bring in the best clients. In fact, when it comes to courting those high-end coaching clients, the softer approach is the best choice.

Some call this relationship marketing, and when done properly, you’ll easily fill your coaching hours with clients you love, and who will happily wait in line to work with you…

Follow Up Formula:

Close the Sale and Get More High End Clients!

April Offer only £69 ( save £180) 

This new 4-module course is jam-packed with step-by-step instructions to help you design and implement a rock-solid follow-up system that drives sales.

With each module tightly focused on one aspect of the sales process, you’ll quickly pinpoint your action steps, so you can begin increasing your profits immediately.

Module 1:  Breaking Your Sales-Closing
Mindset Barriers
Module one helps create a great foundation by taking a look at the mindset shifts that can transform your sales skills from so-so to spectacular. As with most things, mindset matters, so we’re going to start off strong with…
  • 5 common, self-limiting beliefs—if you can identify these spirit-killers, they’ll be easier to eliminate from your life and business.
  • Why women seem to suffer from self-sabotage more than men—and how even well-meaning family members can cause distress.
  • How to change your deeply ingrained beliefs surrounding money—breaking down this wall can cause a massive shift in your earning power.
  • Why even those we see as most successful often feel like frauds—simply realizing that you’re not alone might be enough to boost your confidence!
  • 7 ways to position yourself as the expert you are—with these simple elements in place, your sales calls will suddenly become easier!
  • What every coach must know about timing—this one tip can turn the tides in your favour.
  • 3 tips for crafting killer calls to action—this copywriting skill will continue to serve you for the rest of your business life.
Module 2:  Upscale Your Sales

Now that you’ve cast away those self-limiting thoughts and changed your mindset for the better, it’s time to upscale your client profile. Module 2 walks you through the products and programs that will attract those high-end clients, including…
  • 5 must-have components for your first high-end product offer—miss even one of these and your new ideal client simply won’t see the value.
  • 4 simple methods for adding value to your products—these easy tips give tips make your product look and feel much more luxurious and costly than it is!
  • How to write a compelling sales email—this will be the core of your marketing efforts, so be sure to include each of these 7 elements for best results.
  • How to write a compelling sales email—this will be the core of your marketing efforts, so be sure to include each of these 7 elements for best results.
  • The key for getting over your shyness—this one tip will change the way you think about sales forever.
  • 3 powerful “foot in the door” tactics—and where to use them.
  • How to quickly get started with paid advertising—without losing your shirt!
  • The 3-letter word that top-clients must understand—and the easy way to make your point.
Let’s be clear: if you really want to up your game in the coaching biz, landing high-end clients is a must. Module 2 will give you the tools and tactics you need.

Module 3: Packaging Every Aspect of Your 

Business for High End Clients

There’s more to making sales than just closing the deal, and if you want to attract the top clients, you have to look and act like everything you do is of the best quality.

Module 3 will help you refine your message and present a high-quality, valuable look to prospective clients, including...

  • 6 common mistakes that make coaches look bad—eliminate these blunders and you’ll automatically stand out from the crowd
  • Real life examples of websites and content done right—model your business after these super-successful coaches, and you’ll be well on your way.
  • The easy, affordable tool that makes creating professional landing pages a breeze—you don’t want to miss this one.
  • 5 simple ways to make your clients feel special—make it a point to include these elements, and your clients will sing your praises.
  • The fine art of naming your programs—get this right and your potential clients will know instantly that you are the perfect choice for them.
  • The number one way to make the most of your new, high-end brand—if you do nothing else, this is a must. Skip it, and you’ll continue to struggle to reach your goals.
  • How to get out of your comfort zone—so you can start commanding the prices you deserve.

Branding is more than simply putting pretty colors and fonts on your website and business cards. It’s everything your potential customers see, from the language you use to the gracious way you welcome new clients.

Module 3 helps bring all of those pieces together for a winning brand that speaks to just the right clients.

Module 4: Setting Yourself Up for
High-End Sales and Success

It’s nice to think that you can simply change the prices in your shopping cart and start charging higher rates…but it’s not that simple, really. 

For the biggest impact, you’ll want to be sure the foundation is solidly in place, first, and that’s what module 4 is all about.

  • One easy way to stop wasting your time on the wrong clients—while simultaneously attracting the right ones!
  • 2 follow-up strategies that work—and that won’t suck up all your available time.
  • Why inviting questions from all your fans and followers is a great strategy—the reason will probably surprise you.
  • When to consider an affiliate program—and the one reason it can hurt more than help.
  • Where to scrimp when it comes to technology and software—and where you absolutely must use the best you can afford.
  • 8 easy ways to build that all-important social proof—and why this is even more important today than it ever has been.
  • How to quickly turn your office into an inspiring, serene setting—don’t just gloss over this, your working environment is the key to feeling—and being—the top-notch coach your clients need!
  • How to make way for the important work—stop wasting time on the drudgery that saps your energy and distracts you from more important tasks!

Take Your Coaching Business to the Next Level

Isn’t it time you stopped playing in the third division and joined the premier league instead? You know you have the skills. You have the knowledge and experience. You just need to make a few changes in your mindset and branding, and the leap to superstar coach will come naturally.

If you want to start attracting the high-end clients you know you deserve, then this course is your ticket. It will show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to realize your dream of working with top-notch clients who value you and know your worth…and who are willing to pay for it.

Warm regards,

P.S. See you on the inside!
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