A Confused Mind Doesn’t Buy!

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We know a confused mind doesn’t buy but clearly it doesn’t sell either just look at the last election…

I know the last general election seems like a long time ago now but for us in business, there was a huge lesson to be learned by the sweeping of the boards of the Conservatives in England and SNP in Scotland.

Now before you get offended, I am not making comments on the merits of either party or even the whole first past the post system (that’s a whole other discussion)

My point here is much more commercial than that.

What these parties got right (and others, in particular Labour did not ) was they were 100% clear on WHO was their target market, WHAT their marketing message was to them and last but not least, they used the RIGHT media to get it out there.

OK, you may be moaning by now ” Is she going on about getting the right target market again?” The answer to that is, yes I am because the simple truth is this…

If you are not getting it right you are getting it wrong and that’s costing you a lot of money and wasting your time. 

In business terms, If you are not getting the income you truly desire it’s very likely YOU WILL be able to trace it back to one of these three things you ARE getting wrong.

Working with my clients, 9 out of 10 of them still have not got true clarity on the Market, Message and Media conundrum.

And the honest truth is, it is probably always going to be a work in progress to a certain extent as you, your business and the service you offer evolves over time therefore so will your 3 M’s.

That’s why it is something that needs to be built into and revisited in your Planning for Profits Session. (What do you mean, you don’t do a Planning for Profits Session?!! ) We need to talk!

So back to our poor political party who got it so wrong.

You see there is an old adage which says a Confused Mind doesn’t buy and that is very true but ask yourself this…

Are you 100% crystal clear on what you are really selling? Because let me tell you now, a confused mind may not buy but it certainly doesn’t sell either. 

Until we know exactly what it is we are selling ( not the thing but the thing that the thing gives us) we WILL be in a state of confusion and guess what…so will our prospects!

Getting clarity on this can be the difference between your business succeeding or failing so ignore it at your peril.

If you need any help getting clarity on any part of your business, apply for your Free Business Breakthrough Session with me today.

There is nothing I love more than helping you see the light (metaphorically speaking of course!!)

I promise you, once we have connected, you won’t hear another political or religious analogy from me ever again.

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