What HUGE marketing lesson can be learned from Ant & Dec?

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Even if you are not a fan of the TV programme Top Gear or the presenters, Ant and Dec…

I am sure you are not unaware of the recent facts and circumstances surrounding them.

Ant and Dec have just signed a new £30 million contract and the Top Gear TV programme ratings have dropped dangerously low in this last series, after being a worldwide phenomenon for over a decade.

Let’s look at them individually for a moment.

Ant and Dec, are they the best presenters around? No! Are they the funniest? No! Are they the best looking blokes on the planet? No (and they definitely are not the tallest)

Yet they are the highest paid presenters on TV today and win award after award after award. So what is their secret?

Top Gear…used to be presented by Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and the other one (no disrespect but his name has escaped me). Again brilliant presenters? No! Fabulously good looking and well-dressed NOOOOO!

Yet their audience left in droves when new presenters took over exactly the same show format. What was the big loss the audience experienced?

This is what is really going on …
What both sets of presenters had in their arsenal was two sure-fire elements to success.

1. They are all incredibly authentic (some might argue Jeremy Clarkson a tad too much so) which makes them highly relatable but it’s the second element that’s made them the big winners.

2. When watching them, we are privy to their relationship. We feel connected to them. We feel like part of the gang / one of the boys / in on the joke/ a sense of belonging ( thank you, Mr. Maslow)

And that which has earned them not the big bucks, but the MAHOOSIVE ones!

Quick gear shifts to marketing and growing your business (see what I did there?)

What kind of relationship are your prospects and customers privy to with you?
If you are NOT making this a priority in your business, you are way off course

Now with 2017, Brexit and Trump approaching, now more than ever, you need to be ahead of your competition with all your sales strategies and continually developing your prospect and customer relationships, needs to be top of your list.

If you would like to speak more about this and how I can help you build this into your business growth strategy, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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