Why ignoring this WILL cost you sales this year.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this could be a tricky year for some business owners.

There are many who are still not facing up to the fact that there are fundamentals you just cannot ignore any time in business. Let alone when things are getting a bit rocky as this year is destined to be.

Just over a week ago, I shared with my Academy members who have recommitted to their next year of membership (some are moving into their 3rd year with me) just what it is going to take to stay ahead of the curve, ahead of your competition and create consistency and growth in this coming year.

I shared what I have learned in the past year and what I am already building into my business eco- system. 

It’s fair to say, some minds were a little bit blown away with the sophistication of the training yet its complete and utter simplicity.

What I was teaching my members, reminds me of the movie Jerry McGuire, when Tom Cruise’s character writes a “Mission Statement” about what the flaws are in his industry and how to fix them and shares with all and sundry in his company.

His answer to the problem was “Be more to less clients”

However, this went against everything his employer stands for. The clients are treated as mere cash cows so the more the merrier as far as his company was concerned.

Not only is the character vilified by his colleagues for bringing their murky secret up to the surface but his boss has him fired from his job quicker than you could say “Show me the money”

The upshot of this is for a while, Jerry is desperate for clients and eventually begins to work with someone who forces him to do a huge amount of soul-searching around all aspects of his integrity not just professionally.

If you haven’t seen the movie, spoiler alert!!!

You will be glad to know, it all works out in the end. Jerry is proven right. Being more to less clients brings him in the big bucks and ultimately all the big noises want to work with him too. Oh…AND he gets the girl. Happy days!

So, what has this got to do with my Masterplan for this year?

You have heard me harp on about this often. Business is all about relationships. And I am NOT talking about some marketing smoke and mirrors BS relationships. I mean WIN/WIN, money in your bank, repeat customer relationships.

We begin with the relationship with your online visitors, with your subscribers and blog readers. With your prospects and those who are looking to buy.  With your new customers, your existing customers, your trusted suppliers and with your team, virtual or otherwise.

And that was what the Masterplan was all about.

How to have the most profitable relationships possible. We broke down into the most effective yet simple strategies that can be applied to any business.

Would you like me to share them with you too?

I have recorded an exclusive training webinar on exactly how to do this in your business.

You can get instant access at www.carie-lyndene.com

Let me show you the money (sorry, couldn’t resist it) and how to ensure its finding its way into your bank account instead of your competitors this year.


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