It’s all in your head my friend!

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Intimate details alert!

In the first few months of my Success Coach business, I generated only £9000 in sales. I had just gotten started and I thought I was going to enter the business community with a bang but unfortunately, in reality, it was more like the proverbial damp squib.  The next year was more like my expectations and I finished up just a smidgen under £90,000.

However, 2015 has been much more promising by breaking all my projections and in March I clocked up my first multi five figure month (and in fact over £10K of those sales I made in one day)

“So what!” some of you may be saying. And if you are, stop reading now as with that attitude, what I am going to talk about will fall on deaf ears anyway!

Look, I know for lots of businesses, this is not exactly setting the world on fire but for most coaches, consultants, trainers, service providers and change facilitators, working on their own typically from home, that’s not a bad result.

So great stuff eh? But why am I sharing such intimate details about my business with you?

How Did That Happen?

Well, when it came to me analysing what was the difference between 2013 and 2015 I came up with quite a surprising an answer even for me!

I asked myself, “Do I have any different skills and knowledge today that I did in 2013?” Certainly I do but on the whole no. The knowledge and skills I am using to grow my business today are the same as I had back in 2013.

So what has made the difference?

Well as time goes on, we make more contacts, build more relationships, get more whizz bang technology and create momentum in our business and these, of course, are all hugely important.

The one word that makes all the difference…

However, the biggest shift that has happened to me since 2013 boils down to one word, and one word only: Mind-Set. My mind-set has advanced beyond recognition in the last 2 years and most significantly in the early part of 2015.

Over the last two years, I have invested massively in various training courses, online programmes and self-study courses.

Although always learning something, most of these things, reinforced what I already knew, reminded me of stuff I had forgotten or had stopped doing or ignited my creativity to add something new to my offering.  All highly beneficial and worth every penny invested.

Closing that door is dangerous!

 In January, I made a decision. I was very pleased with the business I was generating but if anything, I was becoming too busy with clients and could feel myself energetically closing my metaphorical “new business” door.

Knowing this was happening and the effect it would have long term, I made the decision to engage an additional type of coach. I always have a coach (several in fact) I can never quite understand why so often coaches don’t have a coach (it happens more than you would think!!)

I already had a wonderful business coach, a yummy life coach and a passionate nutritional coach but the coach I needed had to be where I wanted my business to be so I engaged a coach with a million pound on-line business.

Investing at that level can give you the wobbles!

Now, as you may imagine, working with someone of this ilk carries a fair old financial investment and passing over that sort of money certainly gave me a wobble or two.

However, what was interesting, I actually sleep better that night after making that decision, than I had in months. The feeling was one of relief.

So without any delay, I pitched up for my first coaching session and virtual training day. What completely blew me away was everything my new coach was teaching and showing me was exactly what I teach and train my own clients. Did I feel cheated I hear you ask? No, I felt liberated!

I saw the light!

Wow, this amazing, savvy, intelligent, highly successful and passionate entrepreneur catapulted me to a whole new level. Yes certainly with her fantastic information regarding her profound experience had me learn new things, remind me of the stuff I wasn’t doing or had stopped doing, reinforced to me, my own knowledge etc. etc.

But the BIG GIFT she gave me, however, was recognising what the major difference between her and I (apart from her well-charted success of course) was our mindset and REALLY learning that lesson was a true investment! After this realisation, I

After this realisation, I re-jigged my plans for the rest of the financial year and became open for business once again hence the bumper month I mentioned earlier.

The moral of the tale…

… is as the title says “It’s all in Your Head my Friend!” Although I knew this intellectually, it was seeing, hearing and feeling it in real life that made me make the shift from theory to reality.

Make sure TODAY you are working with your coach and if you don’t have one yet, I am happy to chat you about the options open to you regarding us working together. You can

You can >>Click Here<< to book a Sky Rocket Your Sales Session with me to create an immediate plan of action for your success.

Recognise to move forward you, it’s likely you need someone further along the road than yourself to enable you to expand your mindset as my wonderful mentor did and drive your business to the next level.

If that relates to you, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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