It’s okay to be imperfect… I most certainly am!

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Nirvana No More

I have been an entrepreneur since 1982 and every business I have created whether it was my home based Early Years Centre, my multi-million-pound network organisation or my current Marketing and Sales coaching and training business, they all started small and very definitely were NOT perfect.

Even today after over 30 years in business, whatever I do, write, produce, create, deliver etcetera is nowhere near perfect and I have long since given up trying to achieve that nirvana state.

If I had waited to get things perfect over the years, I would not have had the opportunity to impact the 100’s of people I have, whether it be through their business, professional or personal development.

Not only would I have missed out hugely but I can say hand on heart, they would have too.

Version one is better than version none!

The same applies to you. What are you waiting for? My advice is to you is whether it’s a new position, project or business, start with what you have!

It’s better than not starting at all. You don’t even need to be that smart, have it mapped out yet or even have a big vision. Just get going. People are waiting for you.

There are lives out there waiting to be transformed by what you offer.

What’s more important than being perfect is you that you know WHY you are doing what you are doing. If you haven’t broken down exactly your why you can run out of steam very quickly.

If your business is the vehicle your why is the fuel that drives it. It’s your internal motivation. It’s the difference between having three alarms to wake you up in the morning and jumping out of bed excited about what you are going to achieve that day.

That’s evolution…

 So even if your business, your plan, product or service isn’t perfect but you do know your why and what you want to achieve in the short term then you just get going.  Know you might not get perfect results, but that’s OK!

I have made more mistakes and misjudgements than I care to remember but that’s OK too.  Wisdom grows when we learn from each and every one of them.

I can’t even guarantee I won’t make a few more as I am continually moving forward so always entering into new territory. That’s what it takes for us to evolve!

A step in the wrong direction can be corrected but NOT taking action keeps you going around in circles financially, emotional and energetically.

As Richard Branson’s mum used to say to him “You will miss every shot you don’t take Ricky.” Very glad Richard was a lad who listened to his mum.

Let yourself off the hook.

Striving to be perfect and it is one of the biggest stresses we put ourselves so ask yourself today, where am I wasting my energy trying to be perfect and how could I use that instead to drive my project, position or business forward just as it is right now?

Speak soon,

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