STOP Losing Money to your Competitors and START Earning What You’re Worth

Stop Start is a Virtual Workshop where I take you through the five essential steps you need to go through in order to establish the critical 5 c’s in your business.
  • Step One. Core Values: You’ll finish this module with crystal clear clarity on why it’s important that you give as many people as possible the opportunity to benefit your product or service
  • Step Two. Confidence: Mindset is so vital in business, but most business owners don’t spend enough time getting their mind in the right place
  • Step Three. Clarity: You’ll finish module three with a much clearer picture of how you should be marketing your product or service
  • Step Four. Conversion: In this module I share some of my sales secrets to help you convert prospects into paying customers
  • Step Five. Commitment: Module five will help you to keep your eyes fixed firmly on the prize

Beginner to Intermediate

Follow Up Formula- Close The Sale For High End Clients

Learn to master the sales and follow-up process, and watch your business grow!

Here’s an all-too-common thought among entrepreneurs: “I hate sales!”

I’ve muttered it under my breath from time to time; you’ve no doubt felt it, too. We all have.

And some people let that self-limiting thought process bring them down, while others learn to overcome it.

  • Module 1: Breaking Your Sales-Closing Mindset Barriers
  • Module 2: Upscale Your Sales
  • Module 3: Packaging Every Aspect of Your Business for High End Clients
  • Module 4: Setting Yourself Up for High-End Sales and Success


Unleash Your Sales Potential in 90 Days or Less

Unleash Your Sales Potential is a 90 Day Comprehensive Business Development Programme that shows you how to take your leads “From Cold to Gold to Sold”
  • Unsure how to convert a casual conversation into a sales situation or how to convert your prospect into a paying customer?
  • Fed up of attracting the wrong type of client with fees that are too low because you can’t sell at the price you really want to and deserve?
  • Feeling rejected and dejected if someone says they can’t afford it or they have to think about it?
  • Uncomfortable talking about or asking for money and you avoid making an offer around your services or asking for a quick decision?
  • Not really sure what your sales process is or how to create a successful sales funnel?
  • Losing sleep over how to generate next month’s outgoings and you are struggling to stabilise your income?
  • Having trouble putting a workable action plan together?
  • Overwhelmed and confused as to how to market your services effectively?

Beginner to Intermediate

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