Don’t miss out because of your inner Sales Snob.

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To Sell or Not to Sell, that is the question.

I was interested to read in a local business network, remarks made to someone in the early stages of their business when they asked the advice of group members as to whether they should or shouldn’t offer a Black Friday deal.

Many people responded NOT to do it because

  • ” It is too American”
  • ” I don’t do offers because I give good value all year long”
  • “No -one trusts those deals anyway”

and many more short sighted comments like that. 

Sorry but that attitude is what I refer to as SALES SNOBBERY!!

Why people find selling or making offers around their services UNPROFESSIONAL never fails to amaze me. I think is UNPROFESSIONAL NOT to do it!!

Now I am NOT saying you HAVE to join in with Black Friday or any other sale time but here are the reasons why is a GOOD IDEA…

  1. It has become a recognised UK Sale time ( just like January sales) people are looking for AND expecting bargains.
  2. It gives you the opportunity to reward those on your database who are most engaged with you ( after all it’s only those who will buy anyway)
  3. But here is the most important reason.

What goes around comes around…

When you expend energy putting out a fabulous offer, its not always that offer that creates the new business. Energy HAS to return to its source. That’s not woo woo that’s physics ( thank you Mr. Einstein).

Therefore by the very nature of putting that energy out there (in integrity) that energy is forced back to you. This will often be in the form of an out of the blue enquiry or those teetering on the edge of buying from you ( often another product or service) will make up their mind and order from you shortly after.

If you still don’t get how important selling and making offers in your business is, then just watch The Apprentice.

Every week the ones who go first are the ones who can’t sell!! That is HOW important it is in business, Lord Sugar won’t even consider being in business with those who can’t or won’t “lower” themselves to SELL.

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DON’T let your SALES SNOB get the better off you and have you miss out on the business and lifestyle you deserve.

Speak soon,


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