Dawn Swinley
Dawn Swinley
The Drop a Dress Size Coach, Gloucestershire UK

Alex Patchet-Joyce
Personal Success Coach and POV Trainer, Oxfordshire, UK

“Her live events are phenomenal – not for the faint hearted”

Years ago I worked in marketing in a large multinational company so I am not a beginner. I am also an experienced Executive Coach and Psychology of Vision Trainer and knew I needed to reach a wider audience.

Starting up one’s own business in a new direction is completely different and the skills I have fell short of what needs to be done to get a new enterprise off the ground particularly in new media marketing.

I heard about Carie and was immediately impressed with her breadth of knowledge, her willingness to share and her confidence.

I began with one of Carie’s VIP Diamond Days which was brilliant.

Since then I have joined Carie’s Success Accelerator Academy and she is taking us, a group of like-minded businesswomen, through an intense, profound and eye-opening programme.

I feel supported and encouraged and my new business is really taking shape – I have more focus and clarity about what I want to do and how to do it. And joy of joy I’m enjoying doing it.

Her one-to-one sessions provide a regular boost and course correction where needed. Her live events are phenomenal – not for the faint hearted. You need to be committed and keen.

As a group we are having fun and cross pollinating ideas.

I am learning so much, Carie’s knowledge is deep, her teaching skills and delivery is expert and invigorating.

Carie is walking me through every step, helping me systematise my offering and teaching me how to attract my perfect clients in droves.

She is a super talented marketer and great mentor.

Susie Mackie
My Sensuality, Gloucestershire, UK

“When I first met Carie, I was immediately drawn to her warm personality.”

I am a passionate photographer and I love capturing moments in time forever. Because of this I believed I could build a successful business if only the nitty gritty, “grown-up” business skills would fall into place.

I met Carie at one of her incredible live events and she said to me “You are clearly great at what you do Susie, however, just not enough people know about you.”

I wasn’t doing the right things to attract the right clients.

She was right, I wasn’t getting the bookings I needed to sustain and grow the business. Simply, not enough potential clients knew about me, and I wasn’t doing the right things to attract them.

I needed a successful business model with a view to possible franchising in the future.

I also needed to understand the basics of sales and marketing, how to do it, how to implement it, and how to manage it effectively. I was great at networking and face to face contact but Carie explained although this was a good offline strategy, to reach my goals I was going to need much more than that.

It all began in my initial VIP Diamond Session with Carie.

I can’t stress enough the “Quantum Leap” I made during this invaluable 1-1 time with Carie.

I began to understand my real target audience and how to market my business accordingly.

This resulted in a restructuring (and renaming) of my photography packages – with price increases to suit.

Working with Carie is transformational, in short she DELIVERS RESULTS!!

Working with Carie made me realise how much more (MUCH more!) can be put into place to create success. This, coupled with a wealth of knowledge which she so generously imparts, with her structured way of working, and her belief in the potential of her clients, means that she is a truly life-changing coach and mentor.

I now have a clear understanding of the structure for my business sales and marketing.

Perhaps more importantly, I have a clear idea of exactly what I am offering, and understand the importance of “speaking” to my target audience in a way which enables them to see the results of their photo shoot experience with me. My new packages and website are soon to reflect this new understanding.

My diary is also more structured, meaning more effective time management. I feel of particular importance is to schedule a day a week for Carie’s favourite “Income Producing Activities from her Success Accelerator System

I am delighted with the new bookings I have gained as a result of the strategies she has taught me.

The biggest results for me are probably still more internal – I feel so energised and confident about the future of my business – and my part in it however I am delighted with the new bookings I have gained as a result of new strategies she has taught me and I know we are only scratching the surface with this.

Carie’s teachings and her system are everything I need to succeed – I am taking the right action, following my MAP (Massive Action Plan), and I see exactly how I will earn the income I desire and deserve. Now THAT is life-changing.

Maree Stephens
Maree Stephens
Director mmm! Drinks Ltd, Gloucestershire UK

“The best business decision I have made was working with Carie …”

In my ‘previous life’ I was the CEO of a Charity in Kent, I had a large team around me and we worked together on projects, tapping into individuals’ strengths. Looking for a big change, I started my Mobile Events Drinks business in 2011. After two years due to its success, I realised that I needed to look at ways of expanding the business and I knew to get the High Growth I wanted, I needed to use the Franchise Model.

“There is something about Carie…”

I heard Carie speak at an event and immediately warmed to her. I knew that she was someone I could work with, there was something about her and I engaged her to became my coach and mentor.

Throughout my sessions with Carie we have identified the areas I needed to focus on, which has mainly formulating a marketing plan, prioritising and setting achievable goals to help me through the franchising process. She taught me her Success Accelerator System which I applied every step of the way to my business growth.

It has proven to be so successful, that I have now commissioned Carie to adapt her system for my new Franchisees to ensure they get the best training available and they can duplicate my success with the easiest methods possible.

Carie and her Success Accelerator System have been my lifeline.

Carie and her system, seems to have bought out the best in me, she is my rock, my challenger and my support service. Her depth of knowledge in marketing, sales AND people is extra ordinary. Working with Carie was truly the best business decision I have made.

Brownen Morgan
The Yoga Diva Oxfordshire, UK

I knew that my business needed a complete overhaul.

I am a Yoga Teacher and Therapist. My speciality is Yoga for Sports and Stress Management.

I used to regularly be engaged on others Health and Yoga Retreats as one of the programmes therapists and it was on one of these that I met Carie as she was one of our guests.

There was something about Carie that made me want to stay in touch.

When I got back home I checked out her track record and knew I wanted to find out more about how she could help me. My business needed a complete overhaul and so did I. Business has never been a natural skill for me. I just specialise in my field of work. In order to help my business to the next level, I needed some outside help
So I contacted Carie, invested in my business with a VIP Diamond Day and that was that!

Carie, with her wisdom, experience and uplifting, positive approach has made me realise that, with my expertise, support, focus and a system, I can make my business boom.

I decided to continue with her Elite Coaching Programme where she has been teaching me her Success Accelerator System, to see how I could upgrade my business and so Carie would help me with my confidence in running a big business. After all your business success is linked to what you believe about yourself.

Carie makes the room light up when she is in it .She is inspiring and nurturing.

The great thing is, she knows just what you are going through because this lady has done it before you and has succeeded all the way.

I also attended Carie’s live event “Step into the Spotlight”. So many great things happened at that event and I was able to meet other likeminded people and not only did I truly get it what stepping into the spotlight was all about e.g. finding out who I really was in terms of my business but I met some great people who are now my friends and colleagues.

I am now starting to fly and my business looks very different now.

Another great decision I made was to join Carie’s Success Academy. It has really made me “grow up” in terms of making me treat my business in a serious fashion but having fun at the same time. Carie has taught me to trust in the process.
I have now begun doing my VIP Coaching Sessions for Busy and Stressed Business Women.

This is a far more lucrative proposition than the way I ran my business before. Also Carie showed me with a few tweaks to my pricing I could still create marvellous value for my group coaching clients and still make more money while doing no more work. GENIUS! I have really started to see a change in myself and put many things in place to launch for the coming year.

No longer will I be working for others at their retreats but instead running my own Health and Yoga Retreats here in the UK and in Europe. So pleased I made the decision to work with Carie.

Sonia Parnell
Sonia Parnell
Liberty Care Homes Birmingham, UK

“Carie helped me recognise my why and see the bigger purpose of my work.”

I met Carie at a Business Exihition where she was speaking and I was immediately struck by her warmth and wisdom. She spoke with such confidence and compassion, I knew I wanted to work with her.

Since becoming one of her Elite Coaching Clients, I have never looked back.

We started to work on my blocks that were holding me back from me fully stepping into the spotlight. I knew I needed to be speaking in public as my work holds great value for many people. I had some blocks around getting my book “Who Cares?” completed but Carie helped me get past these too and sort out some logistical problems.

She has helped me tease out my Signature System.

Carie really helped me recognise my why and see the bigger purpose of my work.
Throughout our sessions we addressed many issues. Confidence, Business Methods and Strategies. However one of the key thing for me was her help in teasing out exactly what my Signature System was going to be.

Since working with Carie my projects are flying.

I now have more confidence to embrace new opportunities when they arrive and all I see now is how bright the future is for me, my service users and for my business.

Phil Joseph
The Networking Man, Gloucestershire UK

“Working with Carie is a Life Changing Experience”

I have been working with Carie for the last couple of years and it’s true what they say, working with Carie is a life changing experience!

After my initial VIP Diamond Day session with Carie, things started to change instantly as she helped me through a major block holding me back.

Since then she is helping me create and achieve my dream business, live a life I love and work with the fantastic group of clients and peers AND met my (very large) financial goals I have set for myself. We simply follow the Success Accelerator System!

I wouldn’t be without my Success Coach.

Catherine Every
Catherine Every
Pippin Consultancy, Gloucestershire UK

“It’s been transformational for me and my business confidence.”

I’m working with Carie as part her Success and Growth Accelerator programme. She’s an inspirational coach and mentor who has helped me get clarity on my business, where it’s going and how it’s going to get there. It’s been transformational for me and my business confidence. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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