Happy New Tax Year!

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I love April don’t you? Springtime, sunshine, my favourite Bank Holidays on the horizon and it’s the start of the new tax year! Whether April is the start of your financial year or not, this is the perfect time to push the reset button on your planning as it’s the beginning of a new 90-day […]

Sales Tips for Reluctant Sales People

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Would it come as a surprise to you if I said we’re all sales people? It’s true. Every time you have a prospective client on a discovery call, you’re making a sales pitch. Every time you send an email or write a blog post with an offer, you’re making a sales pitch. Every time you […]

Fear-Based Decisions Are Bad for Business

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At one point, every business owner will find herself in a troubling situation. Revenue is down. New clients are scarce. Profits are falling, and a peek at the financials is enough to bring on a full-fledged anxiety attack. I call it going down the wormhole! You know that time when whatever you do just doesn’t […]

Need More Clients? Think Like a Farmer

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Think all a farmer has to do is wait until fall to harvest truckloads of delicious tomatoes or corn or squash? Think again! That farmer has worked hard all year long to prepare for that week or two of reward. He prepared the ground following last year’s harvest. He planted seeds in the spring. He […]

Lessons Learned: What A Lost Client Really Tells You

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We’ve all lost clients. Sometimes it’s our fault. Sometimes it’s theirs. Sometimes it’s out of everyone’s control. But no matter the reason, there is something to be learned from a lost client. A system to review lost clients will help keep your business improving and growing. Exit Interview Typically done when you leave a job, […]

Don’t miss out because of your inner Sales Snob.

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To Sell or Not to Sell, that is the question. I was interested to read in a local business network, remarks made to someone in the early stages of their business when they asked the advice of group members as to whether they should or shouldn’t offer a Black Friday deal. Many people responded NOT […]


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