How to transform a disengaged subscriber into an evangelist of your business in just 60 minutes.

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Last year, when creating some graphics for me, my marketing apprentice misspelt the word coach and renamed me The Success Couch on a fair bit of my marketing!

It really did make me laugh and gave me a good idea how I can add more value to you and your business… to invite you onto the Success Couch with me!

Each week, come and spend a couple of minutes with me and I will share with you some of my best learnings around mastering your mindset, mastering your marketing and mastering your business growth methods.

Sound good? Great put your feet up for a moment and enjoy my first story from the Success Couch…

An unexpected call from the States.

Over Christmas, I was on a mission. A mission to have crystal clear clarity on the outgoings and incomings in my business.

We live in the days of subscription payments, and there were a lot going out of my bank account.

There’s nothing wrong with that. A lot of my subscriptions are vital to my business. But a number of them weren’t.

In fact, I realised I was paying a not insignificant sum every single month for stuff that I NEVER used.

(And that’s the first learn of this email. Check out what you’re spending each month – is it providing you with ROI? If not, why are you still using it? Asking yourself that with every single subscription is a very useful exercise)

There was one specific subscription that had to go.

It wasn’t a huge sum of money – about $40 a month – but I wasn’t using it, and it wasn’t giving me ROI. The software is great, which is why I’d signed up, but I just wasn’t using it.

I emailed support and cancelled it. I quickly received a reply saying ‘no problem’, but offering me a 1:1 call with the CEO, based in the US.

This got me really curious. A CEO, taking time out of his Christmas break to talk to a subscriber only paying him $40 a month (and about to leave)?!

I decided to take him up on the offer.

We got on the phone and I was flabbergasted. He spent over an hour giving me fantastic value and advice on automating and scaling my business; also promising to send me a copy of his new book.

Never at any time did he ask me to stay as a subscriber.

Just provided me with pure value and insider insights.

As you might have guessed, I decided to do a ‘u-turn’ and try and make the subscription work for me – they’ve retained me as a customer.

For me there are three big learns here:

1. The communication from the support staff to the CEO

2. The way they didn’t take my first ‘no’ as a final answer but looked for options to encourage me to stay.

3. The way they provided massive value to me, even though I was odds on to leave.

In just sixty minutes I changed from a disengaged subscriber to an evangelist of this business – that’s the kind of transformation we’d all love to be able to create, and hopefully you can ‘swipe and deploy’ something from this little story to get you a step closer!


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