This Is Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

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I have been in business for a long time and for me it’s not all about the money (though I am a big fan of that) I am fascinated with what makes us tick, what is that “thing” that makes some people successful and others not.

Now there are a million books written about the subject however, I want to share with you one of the things I have complete clarity on after working with 100’s of business owners over the years.

Marketing your business is a complete waste of time unless you know how to do this…

You need you to know how to SELL.

Now I am not talking about cheesy closing techniques or manipulative trick phrases and smoke and mirrors marketing hype.

I am talking about connecting with your prospect at such a level whether that’s face to face, on a telephone call, in an on-line meeting, on a webinar or even speaking to a live group, that they CLOSE YOU into doing business with them.

Wouldn’t it be great never having to hear again, “That sounds great, just let me think about it for a couple of days,” but instead…” Can I pay you now by credit card?”

Learning how to sell properly also means never having to call your prospect back to see if they have made a decision. Why? Because they ring you to say “How soon can we get started?

You see I believe that when you know deep in your heart that you still do not have the knowledge, skills and most importantly, the confidence to Sell, even with all the best marketing in the world, that energetically you will be pushing back the very opportunities ( or as I call them sales situations) that should be allowing your prospect to buy from you what you have on offer.

80/20 Rule Applies to Everything

On one hand, with about 20% of your energy, you are transmitting with your marketing “YES PLEASE come and enquire about my service”.

But on the hand (and this is the killer) with 80% of your energy you are transmitting ” NO DON’T COME, because I am not sure what I need to say to you or how to say  it or tell you what I do or why you should buy from me without sounding pushy or salesy. Therefore it’s easier if you just don’t enquire at all ”

This leaves you with a big problem. In business, you need to make sales. You are wasting a lot of time, money and energy on marketing, networking, courses and 121 meetings that are going nowhere.

Not because your service isn’t any good but because 80% of you is simply not “Open for Business” and you have unwittingly closed that energetic “new prospect door” Your sales are suffering for it, as is your bank balance.

What’s the solution?

How much would you like to really Open for Business? What difference would that make to your ability to create, conduct and convert prospects into paying clients? What would that mean to your cash flow issues?

Well now you can! Every month, I open up 6 spaces (there are lots of different times available to fit with both our busy diaries) because I want you to apply for a Free Next Level Breakthrough Session with me.

Let’s get this sorted for you right now before you waste any more time, money and let’s face it heartache watching others not half as good as you picking up the big pay cheques.

One catch though- to be considered you’ll need to apply so I know you are serious nad not just simply curious.

In your session:-

  • Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from making all the sales you need to grow your business.
  • Create a clear plan that describes the steps you need to take to remove those blocks and help you convert more prospects into customers.
  • Identify the one simple action you can take immediately to get into sales success mode.

To Apply for Your Free Business Breakthrough Session with me go to


“After just an hour on the phone with Carie, the fog had cleared and I had complete clarity on why I wasn’t getting the all the clients I need and what to do about it”.

Sarah Clark, Mariposa Coaching, Bristol UK

Speak soon,


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