There’s something about Carie…

Let’s face it becoming highly successful in business or your career isn’t always a walk in the park. That’s why for over 35 years, Carie Lyndene has studied everything she could about personal and business success.

This has led her to become the “Go-To” expert for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who want to make their success become inevitable.

She is no stranger to success

Having sold over £10 million of products personally and been intrinsic in the movement of £10’s of millions of goods and services into the marketplace by way of her clients.

Carie is passionate about sharing her knowledge to accelerate success whether that is for the individual to unleash their sales potential, with teams to increase productivity and harmony or company owners or directors to hit their business goals.

Part of what she offers is a system is to fully understand yourself, your prospects, your team, your boss and your clients. This is done through Carie’s eclectic approach to communication and transformative behaviour strategies.

Drawing on her vast experience and range of professional development resources such as Ensize DISC Communication and Behaviour Profiling, NLP, Belief Change and Strategic Intervention skills. Carie is an eternal student who invests in her own personal and professional development continually which allows her to remains cutting edge in all she offers

Carie works with:

► Company Directors, HR and Sales Managers and teams- Applying her tried and tested methods, she saves her clients time and money by creating robust recruitment processes and enhances board, team and marketing communications to massively boost sales their results.

► Professionals and Entrepreneurs – Business Consultancy re Sales and Marketing

► Conference and Event Planners, Associations and Franchisors- Carie is a sought after inspirational speaker.  Her most popular talks are

  • Develop a Success is Inevitable, Attitude
  • Unleash Your Sales Potential
  • How to Get Inside Your Ideal Client’s Head

Carie works with her clients nationally and internationally, through her training and mentoring programmes and VIP coaching.

She is lives in Gloucestershire with her Drama Student son Rory and their two dogs Jack and Molly.

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Her Previous Hits…



Her business career started running a direct sales company where she personally sold over £10 million of products.

She then moved into Networking Marketing with global health companies where, as one of the Top 10 Distributors, she grew a small home-based business to a $3.5m annual turnover.

In the past ten years she has established her own successful businesses, the first being Childhood Matters which became an OFSTED Outstanding Early Years Centre followed by The Success Coach a Business Coaching, Training and Marketing Consultancy which specialises in working with experts in their field.

Some of Carie’s VIP Clients in the past year have been:

  • Health, Nutrition, Relationship, Executive, Business and Holistic Coaches.
  • Marketing, Business and Image Consultants.
  • Graphic, Web and Fashion Designers.
  • Event and Wedding Planners.
  • Care Home and Nursery Owners.
  • Networking Entrepreneurs.
  • Yoga and Dance Teachers.
  • Beauty and Hair Salon Owners.
  • Company Directors and Business Owners.
  • Sales and Financial Professionals.
  • Authors, Speakers and Trainers.
  • Franchisors of Business Opportunities.
  • Photographers and Copywriters.

In Business Cash Flow is KING! crown

Carie loves to share with you the exact tools and strategies she uses personally to enable you to increase your business confidence, develop your crystal clear marketing message and communications, and create your sales activities which WILL result in increased profits and consistent CASH FLOW.

Carie has done all the heavy lifting for you.

Carie has spent well over a hundred thousand pounds investing in herself and her business knowledge. She has personally researched, tried and tested, all the information you need for your transformation and honed it into her “Success Accelerator System” which you can apply in your business and in your life TODAY.

You Are Already a Success!

You see, Carie knows something about YOU that you may not know yet. She knows YOU can do absolutely anything you set your mind to as long as you

  • are loving and good at what you do,
  • have a proven simple system in place,
  • have the right support to maintain your commitment and focus, 
  • stay in integrity (doing the right thing, for the right reasons, the right way in the right order!)

A Success Coach with a Wealth of Business Experience and Personal Success

Carie has created, owned and developed a wide range of successful businesses and now shares her wealth of wisdom, experiences, skills and secrets to help you succeed and create the business and life that you love.

Find out how Carie can add £1,000’s if not £10,000’s to your monthly revenue too. 

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